Coir / Coco Pole

Biogarddener Coir / Coco Pole

Biogarddener Coco pole

Why Biogarddener Garden Article?

World today has high environmental problems because of Non-Biodegradable Material usage Biogarddener Provides solution with it's attractive, biodegradable, 100% Natural Coir/Coco Based Products. To save nature.

Biogarddener Coir / Coco Pole

This product is made out of Coir Fiber and Wooden stick or plastic Stick. Coir Pole is mainly used for plant climbers .coir fibre observes water , so plants are always cool .Coir Poles are supported to Fast growth of plants vertically. Some of plants has lot of branch roots when growing vertically. Like Money Plant (Oxygen producing plant).So roots always stitched to Coir Pole.

Biogarddener Coir / Coco Pole Specification

Coir / Coco Pole 4 Feet 5 Feet 6 Feet
Top Diameter 50cm

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