Enriched Coir Pith Manure

Enriched Coir Pith Manure

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Enriched coco pith manure compost developed from coir pith is a good organic manure and Soil conditioner applicable to Horti, Flori and Agricultural Crops.

We are converting and enriching coir pith manure with various processes. We add nitrogen resource and Natural Fungi. Later we add water and soak the mixture in water for 40 days to 45 days. After 45 days we add Panchagavya, Neem Cake, Vermi wash water and Vermi compost with proper ratio. After 60 days we will check the material quality with various parameters. After all process we screen and pack. We maintain 40 to 50% moisture in the final product.

Available in 1Kg, 10Kg and 50Kg

Nutrient Content for Biogarddener Enriched Coir Pith Manure

Composition ECPM
Nitrogen 3.26%
Phosphorous 1.06%
Potassium 2.20%
Organic Carbon 24.9%
Lignin 4.20%
Cellulose 10.10%
Calcium 0.90%
Magnesium 0.78%
Iron(ppm) 930
Manganese(ppm) 25.0
Zinc(ppm) 15.80
Copper(ppm) 6.20
C:N ratio 19:1
pH 6.2 to 7
Eletrical Conductivity(millimhos/cm) less than 0.25