Biogarddener Infrastructure

Biogarddener Infrastructure

Fiber Extraction Unit

Our company has situated is Coconut Town of India(Pollachi). We have our own transport facility to purchase raw material(Coconut Husk). We are having 10MT of Fiber Production and 20MT of Coir Pith/Coco peat production capacity per day.

We have water recycling facility to save the water. Our Unit has 80,000 Square Feet of Concreate Yard to avoid the foreign material mix.

We are updating our unit with Modern Machines and Testing Equipments for every SIX MONTHS.

Company is Specially taking care of labour welfare.

Yarn Production Unit

Our Coir Yarn Unit has very long experience with Low Cost machines to Modern Machines. We have Mechanical and Textile Industry background. So, We can easily understand Customers Requirements.

We are producing quality Coco/Coir Yarn with our own raw materials. Procure High Density of Coconut Husk has very long and Strength of the fiber.

So, Automatically our Coco/Coir yarn quality and eveness are also good.

Coco Peat Unit

Coco peat / Coir Pith is known as Brown Gold for Horti, Flori and Agricultural Industry as a Growing Media.

We are purchasing matured coconut husk for our manufacturing process. So, We can expect matured Lignin and Hemi Cellulose.

In our Coco Fiber Extraction process itself, we are focusing Fiber and Pith Quality.

We are giving proper soaking for Coconut Husk. So, Manufacturing process itself, Fiber and pith are not damaged and Coco peat / Coir pith expansion is also good. It Shows the quality of our grow bags and all pith products.

Erosion Control Coir Net unit

Erosion Control Coir Nets plays important roll in Slopes and Vegetation. During Geo Textile process each yarn properties are important for Tensile Strength, Breaking and Elongation.

Our Machines are High end machines to produce quality Woven Geo Nets.

We have our own testing faciliites for checking the quality parameters of Woven Geo Textile.

Garden Article Unit

Our Brown fiber is converted to Non-Woven Geo Textile as 400gsm to 1200gsm sheet.

We have Latex or Pinal Formaldehyde Spraying System.

After that, We have 600 Tones Hot Press to manufacturing garden Articles according to customers requirements.

Growbag Unit

We are indulged in offering a supreme quality range of Grow Bag to our esteemed customers. This Grow Bag can be used to grow different kinds of plants in your garden.

Coco Coins Unit

Coir / Coco Discs are mainly used in plant nursery factories for seed germination. Coir / Coco Discs are mainly used to prevent production loss, Nutrition deficiency for saplings.

Manure Unit